Downtempo electronic music: psychill/psybient, ambient, and other chillout.

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Entheosonic 15

Posted by entheosonic on March 16th, 2014

  1. Chronos, "Ants World"
  2. Hol Baumann, "Ocean Kingdom"
  3. Will-O'-The-Wisp, "Moonlight (Remix)"
  4. Enterprise, "Patchhead"
  5. Vakuum Sounds, "A Journey After A Snakebite"
  6. Zen Garden, "Midi Act"
  7. Mystical Sun, "Blue Magnetic Ocean"
  8. Shakri, "Aurora Borealis"
  9. Healer, "Hibernation"

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Entheosonic 14

Posted by entheosonic on February 27th, 2014

I know that I know your aura is fantastic.

  1. Entheogenic, "Badbury Rings"
  2. Androcell, "Purple Aura"
  3. Capsula, "I Know That I Know"
  4. Slackbaba, "Rub My Dub"
  5. Phutureprimitive, "Innerverse"
  6. Shakri, "Love And Devotion"
  7. E-Mantra, "Emptiness"
  8. Ailo, "You"

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Entheosonic 13

Posted by entheosonic on January 20th, 2014

Perception. Reality.

  1. Max Million & Gusk, "Sub Strata"
  2. Ailo, "Contribution For A Healthier Mind"
  3. Aquascape & Skydan, "Voice Of The Universe"
  4. E-Mantra, "Night Walker"
  5. Kick Bong, "Drumridoo"
  6. Flooting Grooves, "Immersion"
  7. Puff Dragon, "Chinese Radio"
  8. Androcell, "Desert Nomad"
  9. Ott, "Smoked Glass And Chrome"

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Entheosonic 12: Ultimae Special

Posted by entheosonic on December 15th, 2013

To wrap up the year, let's go a little more on the ambient side with songs by past and present Ultimae artists.

  1. Aes Dana, "Alignments"
  2. Solar Fields, "Sol"
  3. Asura, "Longing For Silence"
  4. I Awake, "Inferno"
  5. Carbon Based Lifeforms, "Interloper"
  6. H.U.V.A. Network, "Rain Geometries"
  7. James Murray, "Fear Of Falling"
  8. Sync24, "mBorg"
  9. Cell, "Out Of Breath"

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Entheosonic 11: Halloween Special

Posted by entheosonic on October 21st, 2013

Presented for your consideration: A bonus size episode that carries a darker vibe appropriate for the Halloween season.

  1. Y2E, "Yours To Enjoy"
  2. Liquid Stranger, "Far And Beyond"
  3. Alpha Tek, "Hyades"
  4. Tripswitch, "Lyra"
  5. Krusseldorf, "First Blood"
  6. Kalpataru Tree, "Miraculous Moment"
  7. Phutureprimitive, "Ritual"
  8. Aural Planet, "Liquid Incense"
  9. Digital Mystery Tour, "Nadeshiko's Dream"
  10. Lab's Cloud, "Pascua En Cadalso"
  11. Bob Tracker, "Within The Grapes Of Soul"
  12. Rena Jones, "Photosynthesis"

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Entheosonic 10

Posted by entheosonic on September 22nd, 2013

  1. Green Beats, "Science Fiction"
  2. Orthonorma, "Signals (Intro)"
  3. Ascent And Argus, "One Day In India"
  4. Seahorse Transform, "Satellite Of Kali"
  5. Tripswitch, "Goldbach's Conjecture"
  6. Vonoom, "Therapy Pudding"
  7. Cabeiri, "Consciousness Alert"
  8. Ra, "Tears Of Fire"

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Entheosonic 9

Posted by entheosonic on August 25th, 2013

  1. Distant System, "Equidistant"
  2. Sky Effect, "Skywave"
  3. SynSUN, "Tataria"
  4. Ooze, "What's Up"
  5. Ott, "Adrift In Hilbert Space"
  6. Ephemeral Mists, "Looming"
  7. Zero One, "Two (Oogie Eeha)"
  8. (val)Liam, "It Was"
  9. Data Rebel, "Summer Breeze"

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Entheosonic 8

Posted by entheosonic on July 21st, 2013

  1. Cyber Cartel, "The Stones"
  2. Liquid Nations, "Chasing The Sun"
  3. Hibernation, "Hibernation"
  4. Zymosis, "She"
  5. Peace Flowers, "Classical Flow"
  6. Twin Shape, "Standing Wave"
  7. Dhamika, "Snowflake"
  8. Sensorica, "Anomalye's Motion"
  9. MIDIval PunditZ, "Vande Maataram (Electro Indian Mix)"

Listen Now:

Entheosonic 7

Posted by entheosonic on June 20th, 2013

  1. Kanc Cover, "Settle One's Mind"
  2. Suduaya, "Floating"
  3. Krusseldorf, "Soe Doe"
  4. Scann-Tec, "Hope"
  5. Kalpataru Tree, "Faith Engine"
  6. Deep In Mind, "Jubla"
  7. Galaxy, "Science Of Ecstasy"
  8. Yggdrasil, "Amazing Gnejs"

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Entheosonic 6

Posted by entheosonic on May 19th, 2013

  1. Tor.Ma, "Message Of Joy"
  2. SiebZehN, "Fleur De La Nuit"
  3. Kliment, "Crystalline"
  4. Unstable Elements, "Otium Post Negotium"
  5. Will-O'-The-Wisp, "Dawn & Dusk"
  6. M-Sphere, "Funky People Transport"
  7. Lab's Cloud, "In Deepest"
  8. S. Zeilenga, "None Can Fathom"

Listen Now: